The Italian law establishes that education is compulsory within the framework of general principals stated in its Constitution, in order to educate the community and new generations. The Schools role, task and aim are to carry out activities of Education, Training and Instruction, to guarantee the overall development and educational success of each pupil.

Piccola England Bilingual Primary School aims at building an educational learning environment for its pupils based on: 1) the principals established by the Constitution, with particular attention to those referred to social-civil coexistence, and to 2) developing the mastery of both languages in a cultural literacy perspective.

School teachers commit to encourage and stimulate:

  • Personality and potential of each pupil, providing them with age appropriate tools for discovering their own awareness of individual thinking and understanding of reality and the world around them in order to be able to act effectively on it.
  • Formation of a critical and dialectical intelligence capable of orienting the individual through autonomous and responsible choices, overcoming negative stagnant thoughts of conformity, procrastinating, individualism, amongst others.
  • Teaching of positive ideas regarding cultural diversity, gender identity and economic disparities.
  • Integration as a process and project of mutual adaptation that starts from the recognition of different needs and provision of adequate responses from part of the school and staff to the needs of each child.
  • A positive self image building based on a balanced relational and affective rapport.