A bilingual infant school will help children from different countries to feel at home in their chosen future schools. Through the daily use of a language different from their natural mother-tongue, Piccola England aims to create the ideal environment where foreign children are made to feel welcome and no different, because of their nationality, from other pupils. It is, in fact, through listening and communicating, naturally, at an early age, that a child will acquire the language as his second mother-tongue.

PICCOLA ENGLAND is not limited to providing Government requisites and goals, but added to these:


Facilitates language learning in Italian and in English

makes learning English and Italian easy

determines to provide a moral education based on tolerance and solidarity towards others

welcomes children of all nationalities

teaches constant respect and care for the environment

empowers and develops the child’s creative talents through music, song, movement and dramatic art

explores the effects of colour on a child’s psycho-physical welfare by utilising the space around him to stimulate his personality and the formation of his individual self.