(approved by the School Board,  4TH September 2018)

In compliance with our School Regulations, Parents and Teachers are due to abide by the below indicated commitments in order to guarantee a common line of action, promoting a positive School environment.


  • Recognize, respect and value the attitudes and inclinations of the child in a positive manner
  • Impart to the child a positive vision of the educational institution and its aims
  • Support the school commitment with serenity, without overwhelming expectations
  • Gratify every academic success, showing appreciation for achieved results
  • Consider mistakes as a base to encourage reflection and growth rather than in a negative sense
  • Help the child handle its emotional and learning related frustrations by supporting and motivating him/her
  • Ensure to establish a dialog on the school day
  • Make sure your child arrives to school and at all times has in his/her locker the required material and necessary clothe changes according to season
  • Participate in the individual and collective meetings planned by the School
  • Try to be consistent with the measures taken by the School and, if necessary, clarify with the teachers before taking action
  • Consider personal care and hygiene as indispensable factors for a harmonious coexistence with oneself and with others
  • Ensure and supervise your child’s state of health to guarantee an optimal psychophysical development
  • Control and set limits to the use of the television, computer, i-pads, smart phones, play station and other digital gadgets to ensure a guided choice of educative programs and games that the child may enjoy to its benefit
  • Dedicate time to listening, speaking, interacting and exchanging ideas with your child, without the use of distracting tools (PC, mobile phone, TV, etc.), enhancing these moments is absolutely fundamental and necessary for the development of self-esteem, security and competence
  • Promote opportunities for meeting with peers for recreational socializing experiences
  • Ensure a reasonable number of hours of sleep, to face the school day in a serene and profitable way


  • Recognize, respect and value the personality, attitudes and inclinations of each child
  • Value active listening as a means of preferential communication, in order to promote a better understanding of the pupil and the establishment of an atmosphere of respect, trust and serenity
  • Offer students adequate and qualified preparation
  • Promote a harmonious development of scholastic, social, emotional and communicative skills
  • Ensure equal educational opportunities for all pupils
  • Promote respect of character and diversity
  • Consider multiculturalism as a learning and enriching resource
  • Promote freedom for individual creativity in the development of curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Respect different learning rhythms of pupils, gratifying their improvements
  • Promote activities for pupils to help them overcome their difficulties
  • Avoid comments that could be offensive to the student
  • Teach students respect for other and their diversity
  • Be calm and firm when asking pupils to affront their responsibilities
  • Maintain a consistency of behavior amongst teachers towards pupils
  • Promote inclusiveness, through a teaching method that verifies the knowledge and skills in a progressive and gradual way
  • Support the pupil in times of difficulty, making the most of mistakes as a source of learning
  • Help children understand and manage frustrations
  • Disposing of time to listen and dialog with the parents, understanding how role difference allows to integrate and improve on the best educational action implement

The educational pact is valid for the entire school period attendance of the child.