We offer a rich, challenging and stimulating curriculum designed to generate an enthusiasm for learning and value it as a life-long process. Our pedagogical approach stimulates development of skills, knowledge and understanding while meeting the needs of the individual child.
We know that all children are naturally curious and disposed to learning. They are creative, imaginative, energetic and resourceful. The focus of the curriculum aims to capitalise on these natural dispositions by providing meaningful, authentic activities in which children can become absorbed, committed and successful. Bilingual curriculum is able to expand all these benefits, from cognitive to language skills.

Some numbers


10 Years as bilingual school
10 maximum: capability of our nursery school
1 bilingual teacher and 1 italian teacher are your contact with school: every morning will start with a smile
8 hours maximum each day: every child needs a specific time to be at home
5 days per week
50 mq at children disposal, with games, services, nappy room in a bright and multifunctional space
A beautiful garden with playing and reading area.



PART TIME 9.00-13.00
FULL TIME 9.00-15.30
PRE SCHOOL: 8.00-9.00
POST SCHOOL: 15.30-16.30 8.30-9.30

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Micronido's life

The spaces dedicated to the Section are placed on the ground floor and include the section for daily activities, the reception room, the personal hygiene bathroom, the lunch refectory, the sleeping room and the garden.
Both the section and the reception room are organized in a targeted way: a soft space has been set up for relaxation activities, the reading corner, the building blocks activity space, the angle of the expressive activities and symbolic game.
The layout of the spaces has been made with furnishings suitable for an educational environment, in which it is easy to organize the various activities in order to respond to the different needs of children. Each corner is flexibly designed so that it can be modified according to different needs.
The teachers will use the Italian language and the English language alternately and gradually more articulated, according to the child's response and needs.


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